Cash Money

gold gold gold


March 10 game- Our gold Total moves up to 5001 by my calculations. we also have 4 bottles of fine wine, a +1 vicious short sword and some bracers that Matt is going to make use of, a spare implement from whichever Daron doesn’t keep, the spare neck slot item that I have (I have the paper in my bag, it has the value on it).

Feb 21- I believe we’re at 3346 gold total, with a +1 vicious short sword along for the ride and four fine bottles of wine that I don’t have the value on. I think we’re at 669 or so a person. I tend to leave out SP, because they’re so small, but there’s generally enough for food and boarding for the group as a result.

I believe we’re at 1222 gold so far. the recent addition of 769 gold brings us up to 1991 gold or roughly 398 a person. We’ve also got a total of 6 healing potions.


Cash Money

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