Keep on the Shadowfell

Keep on the Shadowfell
Nov. 19, 2011

Quest One:
In Fallcrest, three inspiring young adventurers (Lucan, Kyra and Felix) are approached by one of Fallcrest’s High Protector’s, a powerful dragonborn sorcerer named Balasar Spellscale and Fallcrest’s local historian, an elderly human by the name of Duncan. Duncan offers to pay 250 GP to the group to travel to Winterhaven, locate and map a Keep that was recently discovered in recently discovered historical documents. Not much is known of the mysterious Keep and Duncan is very interested in learning whatever the group can tell him about it.

Quest Two:
Upon learning of the group’s upcoming trip to Winterhaven, Mrs. Staul, the wife of the group’s long time friend and mentor, Douvan Staul. She tells the group that Douven has not returned from a trip in the vicinity of Winterhaven. Douven departed about 2 months ago in search of a Dragon’s Tomb south of Winterhaven. He should have been back a month ago, he has not returned. The group agrees to search for their friend.

Quest Three:
The elder cleric of Kyra’s temple informed her that there has been reports of death cult activity in the surrounding area of Winterhaven. Kyra was tasked to look into the activity and report back to the temple elders, if she was able to.


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